The Mark Of Determination

Super Sentai

The Rangers have Houka trapped in a magic circle so she can’t attack them. Wolzard calls the Rangers to battle, but Tsubasa fights him alone, wanting a cure for Houka. Wolzard tells him that it was Vancuria that bit Houka. Houka breaks out, but Mandora has a plan to defeat Vancuria. While Tsubasa mixes a potion, the others search for Houka. They find her, apparently normal, as Tsubasa completes the Dawn Crystal. Tsubasa realizes that Houka is still under Vancuria’s control when she tries to give them poisoned apples. Chasing her, they run into Vancuria, who has Houka fight the Rangers. While the others try to stop Houka, Tsubasa fights Vancuria. Despite Houka being used as a human shield, Tsubasa manages to shoot Vancuria with the Dawn Crystal after the power over Houka is broken. The Rangers defeat Vancuria but an enlarged Wolzard appears. The Rangers fight it as MagiKing and are granted a new spell. It allows KingCalibur to use the Tenkuu Mahou Slash and defeat WolKaiser. However, Vancuria has returned to life…

Super Sentai - The Mark Of Determination
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